Could You Be Friends With The Protagonist of Your Novel?

I could definitely be friends with the protagonist in my book (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). Arthur Dent seems like a nice person who would be fun to hang out with.

He is a nice person who does not have many bad intents. I could follow him on his adventures across the universe. Since he has lived on earth before it was destroyed and we could perhaps talk and have inside jokes about things that happened on earth. While this could be difficult he could also teach me how to fly (or perhaps miss the ground). He knows many people that I would like to meet and could let me ride on the Heart of Gold, the ship powered by the improbability drive. One of the people he knows that I would like to meet would be could perhaps also have Ford give me a copy to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Another book that I would like to have a copy of he could give me a ride to Terminus where the Foundation is located there so that I could learn psychohistory.