Oct 17 2012

This morning we did this workshop on happiness. It was fun, I watched TED talk by┬áNic Marks “The happy planet index”. I enjoyed it, this TED talk was about the happiness of people in the world.

Oct 16 2012

Where am I now?
Researching the ways that it can reduce it’s fuel use.
Also researching the ways to fuel the vehicle while it is in use.
Where do I plan to at 2:45
I plan to be finished researching
Where I really am.
Finishing my research


Oct 12 2012

Today for my inquiry I looked at some batteries that could be used. A possibility is the lithium ion battery. And I also fount that apparently the best electric car is the Honda Fit EV 2013. And that 25% of the earths CO2 is from cars. Interesing…