Build Session 4


We have begun sawdering the wires to the sensors, built the belt holder, put the top bracket on, and attached the three arms. We have also begun assembling the extruder. Also, we have begun attaching the wires to the board.




Build Session 3

Put the three vertical beam on, mounted the sensor and assembled the top bracket.


Note: Used m3 10mm for ball joints of arm



-Attached the three vertical beams

-Mounted the sensor

-Assembled the top bracket




-The video told us to mount the sensor on one way but the google groups suggested mounting it on the other way so we did.

Build Session 2

Finishing the assembly of the 3rd corner of the base. We also added the motors to the corner base pieces.




-Completed base







-Mounted power supply unit


Power Supply







-Mounted Arduino








-On the last bar of the base it was a bit difficult to line up the nuts. We found that it helped to have two people and have each person do one side at the same time.

Build Session 1

So far we have unboxed the entire printer, have taken pictures and logged all the bags inside the boxes that have been shipped. We have also begun the construction of the printer itself.

Since we have just begun this construction of this printer, we are not sure on how tight the screws should be. If we do happen to over tighten a screw into the acrylic, it would crack the material which would not be good.


– Construction of 2 of the 3 bottom corners2/3 Sides of the Bottom Bracket


– Unsure of how tight the screws on the pieces should be


Currently our EcoGame is a card game is still being made.  The objective of the game is to destroy other people’s ecosystem. To play each person tries to built their own ecosystem to make it easier for them to destroy other people’s ecosystems. So basically the game has producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and tertiary consumers. Producers are at the base of the pyramid, you need four producers to have one primary consumer. When you get to the next level of consumers you get to choose between a disaster card and a helper card. The disaster cards are natural disasters that apply to every one. Helper cards help you (hence the name). They allow you to pick up another card or play extra cards. To go to secondary consumers you need to have one extra primary consumer to place a secondary consumer. Same for the tertiary consumers. When you have two tertiary consumers you automatically get a human. The human allows you to play a human intervention card. For example,  if you get a careless camper they will allow you to burn down two producers of anyone else’ s ecosystem. Note that some of the things in our game will be changed.

Could I be Friends with the Character in my Book? (II)

Currently I am reading the autobiography of Nikola Tesla. This is an interesting book to read because Tesla tells tales of his life and experiences and he also tells the reader many of his thoughts. Tesla’s work is certainly important to the technology of today. Tesla would certainly be an interesting fellow to have as a friend. I think that I would certainly want be his friend, though I do not know whether he would want to be my friend. I would like to be his friend because of the his tales, to hear his opinions, and to learn about his inventions. He has experience in his field and I would love to listen to what he has to say about it.

Could You Be Friends With The Protagonist of Your Novel?

I could definitely be friends with the protagonist in my book (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). Arthur Dent seems like a nice person who would be fun to hang out with.

He is a nice person who does not have many bad intents. I could follow him on his adventures across the universe. Since he has lived on earth before it was destroyed and we could perhaps talk and have inside jokes about things that happened on earth. While this could be difficult he could also teach me how to fly (or perhaps miss the ground). He knows many people that I would like to meet and could let me ride on the Heart of Gold, the ship powered by the improbability drive. One of the people he knows that I would like to meet would be could perhaps also have Ford give me a copy to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Another book that I would like to have a copy of he could give me a ride to Terminus where the Foundation is located there so that I could learn psychohistory.

End of Civilization: Children of Men

Children of Men

  1. Describe scientific basis, if any, for the movie’s plot.

In this movie humans are facing extinction due to infertility. Society is descending into anarchy. People are colonizing and testing their theories. But when one woman is found pregnant there is urgency to guide her to a location where scientists can study her.


2. To what extent would it be reasonable to worry about this scenario?

Infertility in men has been found to be lowered by BPA and junk food. 1 in 5 men have 5 to 15% of sperm were found to be healthy enough to be classified as normal. This is making scientists nervous. Another possibility is that people are having problems with meiosis. This issue could be a serious problem in the future. On the other hand, there are around seven billion people on the planet. So this is not an issue to be concerned about in our lifetime.